• Playing a leadership role

    in the stewardship of Stanley Park’s ecology

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    Image © Peter Woods
  • Engaging the community

    in collaborative research, education and conservation

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  • Working for wildlife

    by restoring habitat and managing for biodiversity

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    Image © Mark T. White

Our Mission

Stanley Park Ecology Society promotes awareness of and respect for the natural world and plays a leadership role in the stewardship of Stanley Park through collaborative initiatives in education, research and conservation.

Listen carefully.....

Capitalizing on Kids’ Curiosity

Can you imagine a curriculum focused less on memorized knowledge from a textbook and more on developing skills for critical … More


Bird/Window Study Needs YOU!

Bird collisions with windows are a leading cause of bird mortality, killing up to an estimated 42 million birds/year in … More

fence 1

Fences Grow Along Lost Lagoon

On the west side of Lost Lagoon, SPES’ Stanley Park Eco Stewards, in collaboration with environmental artist Sharon Kallis, have been … More

M Schmidt (2)

Heron Chicks Hatch

As warmer weather, sunshine, and spring arrive at Stanley Park, the Pacific great blue heron colony is turning its attention … More

CoyotesVan DusenMay 2008

Coyote Pupping Season is Here

Spring is the denning season for coyotes living in Vancouver.  With new pups to feed and protect, coyotes are more … More


Frogs Sing Again at Beaver Lake

On an evening stroll around Beaver Lake, you may be fortunate enough (as SPES’ Conservation Projects Manager recently was during a wildlife … More


Functional Art in the Park!

Creative upcycling of invasive English ivy in Stanley Park produced this functional work of art: After removing the vines of … More

Greg Hart herons

The Herons Are Happening!

by Greg Hart, Urban Wildlife Programs Coordinator Last year, in collaboration with the Vancouver Park Board, SPES launched a web … More

2008.Apr.17-Enright-Tree Swallow-01

Bird Week 2016: Birds in Our Garden

By Samantha Woods, SPES Environmental Educator Celebrate Vancouver’s birds during the city’s 4th annual Bird Week, May 7-14, 2016. A … More

And this is what a beaver does

Beavering Away in Stanley Park

By Maria Egerton, SPES Conservation Projects Manager Beavers live in Stanley Park in both Lost Lagoon and Beaver Lake.  From … More

Chroicocephalus_ridibundus_© Hans Hillewaert  , via Wikimedia Commons

A Rare Bird!

By Michael Murray, SPES Communications Volunteer While walking the seawall on Feb.10, 2016 in English Bay, nature enthusiast and photographer … More

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