• Join an educational Nature Walk

    a two hour easy walking tour in Stanley Park

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  • Playing a leadership role

    in the stewardship of Stanley Park’s ecology

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    Image © Peter Woods
  • Engaging the community

    in collaborative research, education and conservation

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  • Working for wildlife

    by restoring habitat and managing for biodiversity

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    Image © Mark T. White

Our Mission

Stanley Park Ecology Society promotes awareness of and respect for the natural world and plays a leadership role in the stewardship of Stanley Park through collaborative initiatives in education, research and conservation.

If you can’t beat it….

And the beat goes on…and on….As the incessant hammering and sawing over our office continues with roof replacement at the … More

Awaiting the Return

Right now, our Pacific great blue herons are on their winter foraging grounds outside of the Park. They can be … More

Winter Pairings in the Park

Baby it’s cold outside… For most animals, the winter is all about survival. It’s a time when days are short … More

What’s This?

What big fangs you have! Or, are they fangs?…Can you guess what sort of an organism you are seeing in … More

Prime Time for Bird Watchers

For some of us, the first snow or the endless Vancouver rain are the signs that we’ve reached winter, but … More

Christmas Bird Count Results

It was a foggy Saturday morning when organisers and volunteers, parents, and two dozen children gathered in our wide-windowed Salmonberry … More

Photo: Michael Schmidt / SPES

Bats and our “Belfry”

The roof of the Stanley Park Dining Pavilion will be replaced over the next few months. What does that mean … More

What’s This?

Look at that pattern! What in nature is making it? And what can this pattern tell us? Hint: You are … More

SPES Educators Go Global

Environmental education as a defined field of education has been practiced for many decades, but it is continually evolving. It … More

Glowing Moss!

On a hot, smoky day in mid-August, over a hundred citizen scientists descended upon Stanley Park to take part in … More

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